Buchanan Township Board of Trustees

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By law, the duties of the supervisor are varied. Specifically, her basic duties include serving as the chair of all Township Board meetings, acting as the agent for the Township in all legal transactions, serving as secretary of the Board of Review, preparing an annual budget, serving as a member of the township Election Commission, serving as one of the Township's representatives to the Southeast Berrien County Landfill Board, and performing any other duties as requested by the Township Board or by a resident of the Township.

Sheila Reitz, Clerk

The Township clerk acts as secretary to the Township Board in that she takes minutes of all board meetings. The clerk is responsible for posting and publishing notices for all meetings. She is responsible for all national, state, and local elections, including the Qualified Voter File for the State. As the bookkeeper for the Township, she is responsible for keeping an accurate record of all financial transactions for the Township, assisting with preparation of the annual budget for the Township and fire department, keeping a record of receipts and expenses, making a monthly financial report to the Board, making a quarterly budget report, and preparing all financial reports and trial balances for the annual audit. The clerk is the chief purchasing agent for the Township, is chairman of the township Election Commission (which appoints election inspectors), and makes revisions to precinct boundaries as needed. The Township clerk may appoint a deputy to assist in these duties.

Janet Dehring, Treasurer

The treasurer is a member of the Township Board, keeps records of all receipts and disbursements of township monies, receives and deposits in a depository designated by the Township Board all funds of the township, collects all real as well as special assessment taxes, issues dog licenses, prepares delinquent tax rolls and turns them over to the county treasurer for collection, and serves as a member of the township Election Commission. In addition, she may be called upon to perform such duties as may be determined by the Township Board. She also appoints a deputy to assist her.

Thomas VanAntwerp and Lynn Ferris, Trustees

Buchanan Township has two trustees. As members of the Township Board, the trustee acts in a legislative capacity and with the Board sets the policy under which the Township operates, consistent with the laws and statutes provided. The trustee may be called upon to serve as a member of committees in addition to service on the Board. At present, one trustee serves on the Zoning Board of Appeals.

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